SAMSUNG Genuine Glass Screen Protector ALL MODELS

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Best Screen Protectors for S10 S10E S10Plus S20 S20 PRO A10 A20E A40 A50 A70 A80 Samsung Brand Phones

Genuine Glass Screen Protectors BEST PRICE from EUR 3.90 !! FREE SHIPPING IN IRELAND


Isn't that great we could save a lot of money by protecting our phones with Glass Tempered Screen Protector?

Don't waste your chance, don't regret you didn't spend couple euro after your phone get damaged.

We offer you the good quality screen protectors, stay safe against any scratches or minor damages to your screen. This type of Glass Screen Protector is Case Friendly, that means it's not on the whole surface of your screen, all type of phone covers should fit your phone even after applying our glass protector. 

Please keep in mind that even best glass protector doesn't offer 100% protection for your phone, when it fall on the ground in some cases it can get damaged anyway. We can't take responsibility for it.