2X FOR Samsung Tempered Glass Screen Protector HIGH QUALITY

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Best Protectors in the greatest price specially for you. It's great we can protect your phone before anything bad happen ! Make sure you'll put your screen protector on before you start using your new phone.



Some of the Samsung Models are having curved screen and for this models we provide Glass protectors for a full screen - side glue to assure there would be no bubbles on the screen. There would be a circle dot in a place where your fingerprint is. This is just a thinner glass to make sure your fingerprint sensor will work properly.  If you'd like a perfect fit screen protector without any visible circles on your screen, please check our Hydrogel screen protectors.


Models with a flat screen - we provide glass protectors with a perfect fit, but allowing space for your back phone case, meaning there's 1-2 mm space from each edge to make sure your phone case can be fitted without lifting and breaking the glass protector.