LG Magic Remote Control, not just for LG. Read on to discover just how versatile this remote is

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LG Magic Remote Control, not just for LG. Read on to discover just how versatile this remote is

A minor annoyance in many households today is the multitude of remote controls dotted around surfaces, one remote to control each device, and invariably you will pick up the wrong remote first. I'm sure you're familiar with this.

Since discovering the LG Magic remote control and and it's ability to control several devices at once I have become more and more impressed with it. I will now give you a run down of all the devices the LG Magic can pair with, I'm sure you will be as impressed as I was.

The LG Magic remote control can be used with Soundbar, blu-ray player, a home theater system, receivers, games consoles, set-top boxes and even legacy devices like a VCR or DVD player, thus negating the need for multiple remotes! It's also cheaper as you won't need so many batteries. Impressive, yes, but it doesn't stop there.

The LG Magic can control your Apple TV! To do this you must first enable SIMPLINK which uses the HDMI-CEC standard. To  enable SIMPLINK push the home button on the remote control, select the settings icon, click on General and select SIMPLINK, activate the SIMPLINK and you are good to go. It couldn't be easier.

I was also surprised to learn that you can use your LG Magic remote with Roku EXpress and Roku Ultra as well as any of the Amazon Fire TV devices, like the Fire TV stick or the Fire TV cube. You can connect your Amazon TV device to your LG Magic using the device connector. This is accessed by pressing the home button on the remote and selecting device connector. You can now eliminate your Fire TV remote from the collection.

The LG Magic can control your Sky Q box! Isn't that great news, you can now remove your Sky Q remote from the collection, LG Magic will do the job for you.

LG Magic is the only remote you need in your home! There are many Youtube videos that will show you how to pair your new LG Magic remote with your different devices, it's so easy. Please see our listing to order your own LG Magic remote with voice command softwear today.